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Brief AFREC Background

Africa Rescue Committee (AFREC) was established and registered locally in Kismayo, Lower Jubba region in July 1992 by a group of concerned Somali intellectuals to respond to increased suffering, starvation and death of the communities badly affected by the civil conflict and famine in Somalia.Tthrough the establishment of small-scale community-based relief and rehabilitation projects.
Since its formation the organization has implemented over 50 projects ranging from relief, rehabilitation and development among the poorest of the marginalized communities living in the Lower and Middle Jubba region.Since Nov. 1993, AFREC has built its reputation at grassroots level sufficient to attract funds from UN/ International agencies in the region as an organization capable of delivering services to the poor communities and collaborating as an implementing agency and
information-sharing partner. The organization designs and implements its projects through participatory development model in order to empower local communities in addition to meeting their needs.

AFREC is a Focal Point for Jubba Organizations and Institutions Networking Together (JOINT), a 30-member consortium of organizations working in Jubba Riverine Region and serving over 2.5 Million people. JOINT’s objective is to create a platform for action and articulation of the needs of the people living in the region, and specifically the need to strengthen their capacity to exploit the river for their food requirements and as a point of economic take-off activities.

Similarly, AFREC is preparing to become an important player for the Non-State Actors (NSA) along the ECP-EU Cotonou Agreement where the need for NSA’s to participate in policy formulation and the economic development of Somalia has been recognized. As an important actor in Southern Somalia, AFREC is preparing to undertake-:

1.Establish a proactive mechanism of disseminating the ACP-EU Cotonou agreement among the stakeholders in Southern Somalia
2.Establish sector Forums to stimulate dialogue on rehabilitation and development needs for funding under the European Development Fund (EDF)
3.Develop mechanisms jointly with other NSAs in the South, for capacity building for the NSAs to help in guiding communities in identifying critical projects for the EDF funding.
4.Establishing mechanisms and standards that ensure full accountability for Donor funding in projects/Programmes supported.